Advantages of ICF walls

"Quiet home"    
Studies show one of the most appreciated characteristics of an ICF house is the quiet
environment the walls help provide.  6" ICF walls are rated at STC 56, more than double that of a 2x4 stick wall.
Safety  The core of the ICF wall is steel reinforced concrete.  The concrete "moist cures", effectively doubling
the strength of the concrete compared to an air cured wall.  Steel rebar placement can be used to effectively
place the wind speed resistance over 200 mph, greatly increasing the storm resistance of the house.  The
typical icf wall is 8 times stronger than a stick framed wall.
Cost savings   
Energy efficient, insulated concrete forms make an energy efficient home.
Concrete "moist cures" in the confined environment of the EPS forms.  This allows the concrete to cure in an
ideal environment, gaining more strength than an air cured wall.  Concrete that cures in
ICF forms will be
nearly twice that of an air cured wall.  This is why ICF basement walls are stronger than similar air cured walls.  
A 6 inch form can produce a wall as strong or stronger than a ten inch air cured wall.
      Concrete walls are by their very nature designed to last centuries, not decades.  Some of the earliest
concrete buildings are still standing, many hundreds of years old.  Concrete walls are tops at being long
lasting.  Make your next home a
Rock Solid Concrete Home.
Why not stick build??  Look at all of the uninsulated and leak prone areas around doors and windows. Wood is not a very
good insulator compared to EPS, or any other manufactured insulation for that matter.  Look at the double and triple stacked
lumber and support areas above the window.  No wonder stick frame houses have the high air turnover rate they do. ICF has
none of this, including the thermal bridging and leak prone ledger boards between floors.  The ICF walls are seamless.  This
also greatly increases the strength and sound deadening of the ICF walls, making them much more capable of withstanding
severe weather events.